Supervisor’s Message

Dear Clarians and Friends of St. Clare,

2017 is an exciting year for us in St. Clare’s Schools. You may wonder why I am saying St. Clare’s Schools instead of St. Clare’s Primary School-Kindergarten…

It’s because both St. Clare’s Primary School-Kindergarten and St. Clare’s Girls’ School are celebrating their 90th Anniversary of the foundation of the school in 2017. Yes, we are already 90 years old! You and I were not born yet when St. Clare’s School came into existence. It’s amazing, isn’t it!

I heard my Senior Sisters telling us about the humble beginnings of the school. Can you guess how many students began studying in St. Clare’s in 1927, the year the school was founded? 100?… No.    50? ….No     20?….No. There were only 7 students! We say that 7 is a lucky number and indeed in the story of St. Clare’s Schools, those 7 students were multiplied many times over!

This is an occasion for thanksgiving and rejoicing. Thanksgiving because God has been faithful and generous to us by sending in our school beautiful people – school managers, supervisors, principals, teachers, students and parents, school staff and helpers – in the past and in the present – who have contributed to the life and success of this school throughout this 90 years.

All Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Angels (MNDA) are feeling extremely joyful and grateful at this moment. We could imagine our Mother Foundress, Mother Mary of the Sacred Heart and co-Foundress, Mother Mary Gabriel (who became the first principal of St. Clare’s School) kneeling and praying earnestly to God to guide them on how to spread the Good News of Jesus in a time when they were swamped with poverty, hopelessness and restlessness in their surroundings. God has inspired them to start an English school where little ones will grow to become joyful and successful women one day and who will extend the mission of Jesus to others.

The MNDA Sisters together with like-minded persons who shared our vision and mission to proclaim the Truth of Christ (that is why we have Veritas Vincit as our motto which means Truth Conquers) transmit deeply held Catholic core values of truth, justice, love, life and family to contribute to the whole-person development of our students.

Moreover, my dear Clarians, as you look at your four red buttons every day, you are reminded to practice the four Cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. These are all the treasures that we all like you to take along with you wherever you go.

So at this new year’s time, let’s hand in hand ask God for His blessings and protection so that we may continue to love and serve St. Clare’s School by becoming model Clarians in words and deeds.

Let’s celebrate and be joyful!

God bless us!

Sr. Maricris, mnda