Supervisor’s Message校監的話

Supervisor’s message

Dear Teachers, classmates, parents, alumni and friends,

We welcome this special new school year of 2021 with deep gratitude.  This year, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Angels (MNDA), as well as the 95th anniversary of St Clare’s School.


100 years ago, Mother Mary of the Sacred Heart, our wise Mother Foundress, together with Mother Mary Gabriel, the co-foundress of the Congregation,  set up the missionary in Canada under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and much prayer.  They then came to serve in the faraway Mainland China, bringing the good news of God and his message of love to people living in remote mountain areas.  Their footsteps once reached Guizhou, Guangxi and Guangdong.


In 1926, five sisters came to Hong Kong and in the next year, they opened St Clare’s School with        St Clare as the patron saint in view of the social needs at that time.  Through spreading Jesus’ word of love, we help students follow the example of our Holy Mary and St Clare, nurturing them to practise the Four Cardinal Virtues- Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance through their words and actions.  As our Mother Foundress said, we teach our students to treat everyone with love and respect.


One hundred years have passed in a flash.  Generations of sisters and enthusiastic school supervisors and principals led a team of teachers who are passionate about teaching our future leaders.  Under the leadership of God, we have continued the development of the school by persisting on our school motto, “Truth conquers”, raising generations of students with the proper knowledge, ability and integrity to serve in different fields of the society.  I thank numerous parents who have placed their trust in our school and entrusted the education of their girls to us.  Through parents’ support,  our school can continue spreading God’s words through our work in education.


I thank God for His call so I became a sister in 1997 and following His will, I became involved in a career of education, serving in Our Lady of Fatima Girl’s School in Macau for six years.  I relocated to Hong Kong five years ago, becoming part of the St Clare’s School family and the religious education work in school.  Even though it has just been five years’ time, I am always touched by the young, innocent and simple hearts of our primary school girls.  When I pray with them, they are always so solemn, so devoted in their prayers for their classmates, teachers and unwell relatives.  These pure souls will for sure be blessed by God.  They are the group of children that Jesus called to Him.  Let us continue to care for them, so that they learn, grow and be protected in St Clare’s School.


As we celebrate the 95th anniversary of the school, let us, with a grateful heart, ask for Jesus’ continued blessing on our school so that we can carry on our work.  Under the support and constant love of our Holy Mary and St Clare, we will build a St Clare’s family full of love, peace and happiness!


Sister Rose Huang Mei Lan