Contract Prestari Servicii Model Simplu Pdf

The parties have agreed to conclude this cooperation agreement. the conditions under which either party finds a breach of at least one clause of this Agreement. All. c) The company will sign contracts with courier companies so that delivery. The duration of the contract may be modified with the written consent of both parties by means of an additional act concluded in this contract… days prior to the expiration of this Agreement. – the contracting parties mutually agree to terminate the contract; It takes over the services provided by the provider on ……….. S.C. SWISS CAPITAL S.A. provides services for the benefit of the client in the context of financial investments in the acceptance and execution of orders and instructions received.

In the event of incorrect or partial performance of contractual obligations, the Supplier shall pay the Customer damages in the amount of ………… Lions. If the Parties fail to reach a viable solution, they shall request the establishment and appointment of an arbitrator who complies with the terms of this Agreement. In the event of intervention in such a case, the relying party must inform the other party within five days of the known procedure. The party thus subject to judgment must submit a proposed solution within five days of the announcement of the first, the parties having to try to adapt the contract to the new conditions. He is obliged to reduce the working hours of ……. provided for in this Treaty. For the provision of services, it is necessary to employ qualified employees in the field(s). The party that fails to perform its contractual obligations under the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement shall owe the other party a penalty of ……

% of the value of the liability for each day of delay. IV. CONTRACT PRICE 4.1. The price of the services provided by the provider is ……. LEI/EURO/USD. 4.2. Payment of the price will be made in full/obsolete on the day: a) ……………… Sum of …………… LEI/EURO/USD b) …………… Sum of …………… LEI/EURO/USD etc. 4.3.

The price will be paid in cash at the Supplier`s cashier/to the Supplier`s account specified in the introductory part of this Agreement. 4.4. If, prior to the provision of the services, price increases occur which affect their costs: a) Does the service provider have the right to increase the contract price in proportion to the price increases, but with the obligation to increase in the ……… the days to be followed by the decision of the person involved in the case; (b) the beneficiary, within the limits of ……………… A few days after receipt of the written notification from the service provider, he is obliged to inform him if the price increase is acceptable and to demand the continuation/cessation of the work. If the beneficiary does not respond to the notification within the aforementioned period, this is considered a tacit acceptance of the prize. 4.5. If the price increase occurs during the award of the contract and the beneficiary does not accept the increase, he must inform the provider of his refusal in writing, as he is entitled to the part of the price corresponding to the service performed and the agreed price. V.

GARANTII 5.1. The provider guarantees the services provided for a period of .. Days/months/years from the date of conclusion of this contract. 5.2. Within this period, the beneficiary may request that any work carried out be rectified, provided that it is not due to his fault. Grade 1. In order to avoid any misunderstanding between the parties, the services to be provided by the service provider are clearly defined in the deduction from the contract. 2. With regard to the Convention between the Parties. Read also: Ask the supplier in the warranty period, if necessary, the free use of the services, provided that the defects are not caused by his fault. The provider receives from the beneficiary up to ……….

the equivalent of its cost of supplying the equipment necessary for the provision of the service. The supplier is obliged to make the customer materially liable during the provision of its services for damages caused by its fault (for non-performance, improper performance or partial performance of its obligations). Any dispute that may be pending under this Agreement will be resolved by mutual agreement and, if this is not possible, it will be settled by the competent courts. For the services provided, the supplier is responsible for hidden defects in …………… Form Contract for the provision of services (model 5) free download in pdf, word, doc format Undertakes to obtain the material provided for in the contract for the provision of services. The service provider shall have the right to receive payment for the services provided to the beneficiary in accordance with this contract. From the date …………., i.e. .dem incubation date of this contract, a period of. constitutes the warranty period for the services provided, the period within which the beneficiary can request the free use of the services provided, if the defects occurring within this period are related to the subject matter of the contract and are not caused by the fault of the beneficiary.

The fees that the customer owes to the provider for its services come from …… Lei, payable sloppy, on… reach. Lions, and on the.. (i.e. date of delivery of the work) Amount of . Lei (it can be established that the payment is made by reference to a convertible currency, e.B. the equivalent of the amount of. U.S.

Dollars). The service contract is the contract by which a party, the so-called supplier, is required to provide certain services for a price to another party designated as the beneficiary. It is the subject of specific activities (consulting, tourism, service, construction, assembly, transport, etc.) . . . .