2021/2022 K1 Application Result

Reminders for Parents:

  • K1 Application Result has already been dispatched to ALL applicants By POST on 18th December 2020(Friday).
  • Parents are requested not to make any enquiries before 24th December, 2020(Thursday).
  • If you do not receive the result, please notify the school by phone during office hours from 28th December, 2020 to 4th January, 2021.
  • Registration procedure will be conducted for successful applicants on 7th – 9th January, 2021.

Thank you for your cooperation.

2021/2022  K1 Application Result

List of Successful Applicants for K1 – A.M. Session

K21220004 K21220094 K21220158 K21220203 K21220258 K21220366
K21220010 K21220098 K21220166 K21220210 K21220265 K21220415
K21220015 K21220100 K21220173 K21220219 K21220283 K21220416
K21220020 K21220111 K21220178 K21220231 K21220299 K21220418
K21220027 K21220113 K21220179 K21220236 K21220308 K21220465
K21220048 K21220117 K21220180 K21220238 K21220325 K21220473
K21220049 K21220126 K21220182 K21220243 K21220329 K21220492
K21220054 K21220129 K21220188 K21220247 K21220336 K21220494
K21220072 K21220133 K21220192 K21220248 K21220343 K21220497
K21220077 K21220137 K21220194 K21220251 K21220357 K21220515
K21220085 K21220155 K21220200 K21220256 K21220364 K21220516

List of Successful Applicants for K1 – P.M. Session

K21220005 K21220089 K21220143 K21220187 K21220263 K21220358
K21220006 K21220090 K21220145 K21220190 K21220276 K21220382
K21220008 K21220093 K21220146 K21220193 K21220279 K21220431
K21220018 K21220099 K21220149 K21220197 K21220288 K21220437
K21220032 K21220109 K21220150 K21220208 K21220301 K21220447
K21220055 K21220112 K21220156 K21220211 K21220302 K21220470
K21220066 K21220115 K21220157 K21220224 K21220305 K21220471
K21220074 K21220116 K21220161 K21220230 K21220311 K21220482
K21220075 K21220122 K21220168 K21220232 K21220320 K21220495
K21220080 K21220125 K21220177 K21220244 K21220327 K21220496
K21220088 K21220135 K21220184 K21220245 K21220333 K21220501