Notification on postponement of the date for 2021/22 School Year K1 Interview

In the light of the recent outbreak of upper respiratory tract infections, with an aim of reducing the risk of virus transmission in schools, the Government announced yesterday that kindergartens and kindergartens-cum-child care centres would suspend face-to-face classes and all school activities for two weeks starting from this Saturday (14th November) to 27th November 2020 (Friday). Therefore, the original scheduled date  of K1 interview(14th November, 2020) will be postponed to 28th November, 2020 (Saturday). Interview time will remain unchanged. Thank you for your understanding and support.

鑑於近日幼稚園及幼稚園暨幼兒中心的上呼吸道感染爆發個案增加,為防止病毒在校園傳播,政府於昨日宣布全港幼稚園及幼稚園暨幼兒中心由本星期六( 即十一月十四日) 開始暫停面授課堂及所有校內活動兩星期,至本月十一月二十七日(星期五)為止。故本校原定十一月十四日(星期六)幼兒班面試日將會改期至十一月二十八日(星期六)進行,面試時間維持不變。敬請各位體諒及支持。