K1 Admission 2020-2021

Reminders for Parents:

  • K1 Application Result has already been dispatched to ALL applicants By POST on 18th December 2019(Wednesday).
  • Parents are requested not to make any enquiries before 24th December, 2019(Tuesday).
  • If you do not receive the result, please notify the school by phone during office hours from 27th December, 2019 to 3rd January, 2020.
  • Registration procedure will be conducted for successful applicants on 9th – 11th January, 2020.

Thank you for your cooperation.


2020/2021 K1 Application Result

List of Successful Applicants for K1 – A.M. Session

K20210003 K20210014 K20210035 K20210094 K20210123
K20210156 K20210158 K20210168 K20210239 K20210245
K20210269 K20210284 K20210310 K20210361 K20210404
K20210411 K20210420 K20210423 K20210429 K20210432
K20210447 K20210460 K20210470 K20210507 K20210560
K20210571 K20210574 K20210581 K20210590 K20210633
K20210677 K20210711 K20210750 K20210788 K20210790


List of Successful Applicants for K1 – P.M. Session

K20210026 K20210039 K20210066 K20210070 K20210073
K20210097 K20210108 K20210110 K20210126 K20210127
K20210130 K20210147 K20210182 K20210183 K20210220
K20210236 K20210261 K20210282 K20210363 K20210368
K20210374 K20210384 K20210474 K20210490 K20210544
K20210565 K20210569 K20210589 K20210595 K20210605
K20210651 K20210676 K20210715 K20210716 K20210733