K1 Admission 2019-2020 Application Result

Reminders for Parents:

  • K1 Admission Result has already been dispatched to ALL applicants By POST on 17th December 2018(Monday).
  • Parents are requested not to make any enquiries before 24th December, 2018(Monday)
  • If you do not receive the result, please notify the school by phone during office hours from 27th December, 2018 to 4th January, 2019.
  • Registration procedure will be conducted for successful applicants on 10th – 12th January, 2019.

Thank you for your cooperation.


List of Successful Applicants for K1 – A.M. Session


K19200001 K19200003 K19200040 K19200043 K19200047 K19200053
K19200064 K19200069 K19200075 K19200081 K19200092 K19200104
K19200156 K19200157 K19200162 K19200183 K19200193 K19200224
K19200232 K19200245 K19200279 K19200291 K19200312 K19200338
K19200344 K19200353 K19200357 K19200366 K19200368 K19200369
K19200393 K19200424 K19200434 K19200452 K19200466 K19200487
K19200495 K19200496 K19200524 K19200544 K19200567 K19200584
K19200632 K19200650 K19200668 K19200683 K19200686 K19200702
K19200704 K19200705 K19200731 K19200740 K19200752 K19200758
K19200759 K19200771 K19200773 K19200774 K19200783 K19200806
K19200810 K19200816 K19200817 K19200863 K19200885 K19200886
K19200890 K19200897 K19200915




List of Successful Applicants for K1 – P.M. Session

K19200029 K19200045 K19200056 K19200062 K19200065 K19200073
K19200074 K19200083 K19200086 K19200100 K19200109 K19200172
K19200173 K19200174 K19200175 K19200178 K19200179 K19200181
K19200195 K19200197 K19200202 K19200206 K19200216 K19200317
K19200320 K19200322 K19200333 K19200348 K19200350 K19200380
K19200381 K19200391 K19200400 K19200404 K19200412 K19200419
K19200458 K19200471 K19200488 K19200498 K19200521 K19200538
K19200563 K19200570 K19200593 K19200599 K19200628 K19200629
K19200661 K19200662 K19200669 K19200678 K19200690 K19200694
K19200703 K19200706 K19200707 K19200709 K19200710 K19200728
K19200756 K19200761 K19200780 K19200793 K19200804 K19200808
K19200818 K19200891 K19200894