2018/2019  K1 Admission Result

Reminders for Parents:

  • K1 Admission Result has already been dispatched to ALL applicants By POST on 15th December 2017(Friday).
  • Parents are requested not to make any enquiries before 21st December, 2017(Thursday)
  • If you do not receive the result, please notify the school by phone during office hours from 22nd December, 2017 to 4th January, 2018.
  • Registration procedure will be conducted for successful applicants on 11th – 13th January, 2018.

Thank you for your cooperation.

List of Successful Applicants for K1 – A.M. Session

K18190002 K18190075 K18190102 K18190106 K18190111 K18190112
K18190115 K18190121 K18190140 K18190146 K18190147 K18190152
K18190169 K18190175 K18190188 K18190197 K18190202 K18190203
K18190208 K18190223 K18190234 K18190235 K18190249 K18190264
K18190275 K18190282 K18190289 K18190298 K18190316 K18190321
K18190348 K18190359 K18190383 K18190420 K18190481 K18190488
K18190520 K18190532 K18190536 K18190565 K18190570 K18190582
K18190590 K18190604 K18190606 K18190624 K18190643 K18190656
K18190690 K18190702 K18190720 K18190734 K18190760 K18190801
K18190861 K18190863 K18190874 K18190876 K18190899 K18190900

List of Successful Applicants for K1 – P.M. Session

K18190003 K18190021 K18190046 K18190050 K18190051 K18190058
K18190079 K18190087 K18190101 K18190109 K18190113 K18190125
K18190155 K18190163 K18190165 K18190170 K18190207 K18190216
K18190217 K18190231 K18190271 K18190287 K18190305 K18190315
K18190334 K18190355 K18190372 K18190375 K18190381 K18190384
K18190388 K18190389 K18190399 K18190428 K18190429 K18190432
K18190434 K18190445 K18190451 K18190501 K18190530 K18190567
K18190569 K18190573 K18190586 K18190612 K18190619 K18190631
K18190664 K18190667 K18190680 K18190687 K18190689 K18190700
K18190705 K18190711 K18190738 K18190747 K18190821 K18190823